Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gilmore's Ferry Where are YOU?!? A case of a lost ferry

Gilmore's Ferry, located in Louisiana is no longer,

do you know where it was?

I've been searching the 'net and asking everyone in North Louisiana about a place referred to as "Gilmore's Ferry".  It is said to be a Ferry that our Gilmore family ran in the 1800's in the Winn Parish - Catahoula Parish area part of which is now located in LaSalle Parish. It was apparently used to cross the "Little River", somewhere near "Bayou Funny Louie".  I've read where it was mentioned in an article about its use during the Civil War.

Anyone out there ever heard of it?

I finally have found a mention of it and want to share it here in case there are other Gilmore's who are interested in finding it at some time!  Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to look for it when we visit the area again in September!  Please contact me if you have any information or questions!

Source information:

Supplementary and Final Report of A Geological Reconnaissance of the State Louisiana,
Made under the auspices of the New Orleans academy of sciences, and the bureau of
immigration of the State of Louisiana, in May and June, 1869
Page 34
by Eug. W. Hilgard, Ph.D.
State Geologist of Mississippi, and Professor of Agricultural Chemistry in
the Univerisity of Mississippi.
New Orleans: Picayune Steam Job Print, 66 Camp Street.
out of copyright and found on

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