Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random thoughts on this quest to write a blog…

First of all, I’d like to thank my very best friend in family tree/history research, Lisa Louise Cook… for without her entertaining and instructive podcasts I wouldn’t be doing half as much work as I am doing now and actually accomplishing goals!  I can’t recommend her website and podcasts enough… she is easy to listen to, a very smart and savvy Genealogist who really cares about your work and will do anything she can to help you with any research problem.  If you haven’t listened to a podcast, you really should start by listening to Lisa’s!  Her “Genealogy Gems” podcast is free for nothing, so there goes the first excuse,  it is as entertaining as it is informative so there goes the second excuse of “they are boring”, it’s titled Genealogy “gems” for a reason as they are jam packed full of tips and they are each worth their weight in gold!  One other point about the podcasts is they are also motivating, inspirational, encouraging… shall I go on?    She has a second podcast for those who have no idea as to where to start, “Genealogy Made Easy” and is it free also!  There are more to her podcasts and videos than I can say here, plus she doesn’t need me to run an ad for her here.  Just give her a chance and she will win you over all on her own!  The URL to her site is http://genealogygems.tv/ please give it a try, you will love it!  Oh, by the way, she isn’t actually my very best friend in “real life” it’s a virtual thing y’all!  *G*
Writing this blog is something I’ve thought about doing over the last few months and keep telling myself that I’m no writer, and it’s true I’m not.  What I am is a passionate genealogist who would like to become a professional one day.  Until then I will be doing what I can to share information on my paternal, maternal and other family lines.  I’ll learn more about writing as I go, my Creative Writing and English Composition professors didn’t exactly teach how to “write your family history” in our classes!  Please be patient with my grammar mistakes!  They really don’t matter, do they?  j/k all you grammar teachers out there, I’ll try to learn a few things as I go!  Now to the heart of the matter! 
This blog, as you have probably guessed by now is about my family… those who have come and gone before us… those who without their actions, we would not be here today.  Whoever we are, whatever we are, we owe to them.  I’m not saying it’s their fault that we live in a country that seems to be at war with itself at times these days, I don’t mean it’s their fault we got a ticket today for speeding, etc.  I am saying if they had not lived, we would not live.  Period
I’d also like to have this blog as a history lesson, one with a twist; it’s all about our roots, our families.  I want to learn about their lives such as what did they did for a living.  Were they in the military and did they serve during war time?  If it is possible, what they did in their day to day lives.  It may serve as a sort of journal, a look into our lives today, a snapshot if you will.  If we write these now they can always be read by our children and great grandchildren.  Wouldn’t it be nice to find a journal written by our Great Grandfather John DuBell telling us why he decided to come across the Atlantic Ocean in the late 1860’s?  Now, we have to search for those answers and he did not leave many clues for us to go on!  There are families who are lucky enough to have journals that were written by a grandparent or great grand parent or aunt/uncle… not all of us do, but wouldn’t it be wonderful?  We are very fortunate these days… we CAN write these things… we can make video recordings… audio recordings…. Why don’t we take the time to do this?  Isn’t it important?  If not to us, it will be to our children and our children’s children… don’t you think? 
I would like to share this journey with those of you who would like to come along and see where this ride takes me.  Hopefully it will include photos of our ancestors, stories about them, and documents to prove the life stories about our wonderful families. Along with the historical aspects and my musings from time to time, I may post about my family’s life… and you will most certainly be bored by a photos of and stories about my grandchildren!  Hey, I’m a Granma, what do you expect?  LOL!  I hope you will enjoy what I write and maybe join those of us who love to learn about our history… weather you call it “Family History”, “Genealogy”, and or “My Addiction”!
Ok, I’ll get off the rambling soapbox now!  I know you are glad of that, eh?!?!
My list of surnames and places is growing all the time, I'll post a list to be easier to understand... as I go I hope to create fun and interesting posts, wish me luck, I'm gonna need it! 

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